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3 Tips for Making Your Ordering Platform and Website More Foodie-Friendly

In light of the digital revolution, the hospitality and food industry has seen tremendous growth. While customers still enjoy the sit-down experience at restaurants, they still wish to enjoy the mouth-watering delicacies from the comfort of their homes or offices. Restaurant owners invest in the ambiance and experienced chefs to appeal to walk-in customers. The same effort has to be applied on the digital front to attract customers. Here are a few tips to help improve your online ordering platforms and make them more foodie-friendly.

Create High-Quality and Interesting Visuals

Ever wondered why you get hungry when you see food? Well, the same applies when you see pictures of food and there’s a scientific explanation for it. 

According to a scientific study, visual stimulation increases the production of hunger hormones. Customers are more likely to order from your platform if you include appetizing images of food.  

If a customer lands on your page, it means they’re hungry or already thinking about food. High-quality visuals serve as the extra nudge to get them to place an order.

Write In-Depth Menu Descriptions

What’s a food website without a menu? When creating a menu for your website, it’s not enough to just list the food items. 

First, your menu has to be expansive enough to offer your customers variety. Go the extra mile and explain every food item in detail, adding a list of ingredients for each. This helps build credibility as a restaurant and creates trust with your customers.

Design a User-Friendly Interface

When designing a restaurant website or app, simplicity is key. The last thing your customers want is to log in to a food website and wonder how to navigate it or where to place an order. 

Make sure that the least tech-savvy customer can use your platform with ease. Your platform should have a seamless flow, with easy transitions between items and a simple check-out process.

How CBest Can Help

At CBEST Solutions, we understand the challenges of running a restaurant and keeping up with new trends. We also understand the significance of customer retention in the food industry. To help our clients scale their online business, we provide simple, efficient, and reliable ordering platforms that are tailored to our client’s needs. Contact us today to book a free consultation. 

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