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4 Ways to Make Customers Trust Your App With Their Payment Details

Restaurant owners, like any other business, want to get more website and app conversions. To get these conversions, you need to build customer trust through your website. A good website should gather customer feedback and generate sales. Restaurant owners that implement this strategy correctly experience dramatic growth in sales and brand awareness. 

Here are four ways to help you build trust and encourage your customers to make payments using your app.

1. Design a Website With a Professional Look

Your website is the first contact potential customers have with your business. It gives a first impression of what your brand is all about. 

A professional design that looks clean and organized gives the impression of an established business. In addition, it also provides a good user experience across different digital devices and web browsers. 

When the web pages of your website are mobile friendly, it encourages customers to use their mobile phones to access your services. This professional appearance builds trust and encourages customers to make payments through your website.

2. Provide a Security Certificate

According to a Usenix report, 59% of customers and website visitors will immediately leave a website if they feel it’s not secure. Therefore, securing your website using an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate ensures end-to-end encryption of data. This way, customers know their information is safe.

Visitors recognize a secure website using a green lock at the top of your website. When this lock is present, it means they can securely make payments online.

3. Provide Multiple Certified Payment Options

Customers will not make payments online unless their payment method is accepted.  According to statistics by Space Technologies, digital payments amount to over $4 million with an annual growth rate of 12.8%.

An app or website that provides multiple secure payment options is likely to see more conversions. 

4. Be Consistent With Your Branding

Consistency is the key to building trust by helping customers know what to expect. The messages you post across various platforms should have the same tone. Choose the same logo design on your website, printed materials, and social media platforms when using images to build trust and loyalty.

Why You Should Choose CBEST

Utilizing these trust factors helps to create brand loyalty and increase sales. Undoubtedly, customers do business with businesses they trust. When you position your restaurant as a brand that can be trusted, customers will also trust you with their payment details.

At CBEST, we provide our clients with a professional, convenient online ordering system to help you streamline your services and improve service delivery. For other ways to build customer trust, contact us to get started.

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