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Click on This Amazing Guide to Build Food Ordering System Website

Click on This Amazing Guide to Build Food Ordering System Website

Are you planning to start your business of online food ordering in Canada? For this, you need to make an engaging food ordering website from scratch. I know you might be wondering;

To make a website, I need to know coding skills, and I should be experienced enough or hire any experienced person to create a website for me? It’s long-tiring work!! 

The purpose of writing this post is to provide a complete tutorial for beginners like you who are willing to make a customized restaurant website with a detailed about us page, pictures of staff/ chefs, selecting and creating online menu options, right?

Not at all! Yes, you’ll learn all over here. Let me teach you the skill of creating the best food ordering system website.

Steps to Create Restaurant /Food Ordering Website

In this tutorial, I’ll be using a simple page builder; the credit goes to drag and drop features. Following all steps, you’ll be surprised to learn how amazing your website looks, providing the effective results you need. 

Let’s get started;

Step 1 – Get your Domain Name

Deciding your domain name is the primary asset for creating a food ordering website and good web hosting. There’s a great Website, Mr. Web Reviews. Here, you click on the very first link in the description; this will automatically bring you to the co-branded page.

There’s a hostinger; a warehouse on the website. It is reliable, economical, and has quality customer support. In the description, you’ll have access to massive discounts on your hosting up to 90%. 

Also, if you use the link, you’ll be able to use an additional promo code, an additional promo call. You’ll find various hosting plans, and you can also upgrade from one plan to another anytime. These hosting plans further offer a free SSL certificate – the padlock in your address bar, which ensures your website is secure to buy.

Either go for credit cards or PayPal coin payment. Through Hostinger warehouse, you’ll get an additional discount on using coupon code once you choose your year hosting plan. Just type in capital letters – Mr. Web Reviews, and click the plus sign.

Submit to PayPal method, type all details in the checkout process, and once you get done, you’ll receive a confirmation email from hostinger with a welcoming page link in that email.

Step 2: Build a restaurant website of your own

You’re done with activating your domain and word press site. Now you have a dashboard, so start building a website. 

To set up a website, first, you need to install a theme. Go to appearance, then themes. Click to “Add new,” you’ll be presented with plenty of themes and templates, but you go to search and type Astra. Choose this theme for the restaurant website. 

Click on the install button. Once your theme is installed, then activate your theme. Astra comes with heaps of ready-to-use starter templates, so install the starter template plugin to get started. For creating a restaurant website, you’ll get the best free version themes through Astra.

Let’ suppose you pick a theme with a Steak & BBQ restaurant; this will be relevant to your business and have all the features on the page you might need.

Step 3 – Select the Page Builder

Go back to your WordPress dashboard; when you click to “Get started”, you’ll be presented with four different options: page builders and the drag and drop features that you can use to build your pages. It is very user-friendly and intuitive.

I’ll suggest you go for Elementor. Once you install it, this will provide various templates with different themes. Type in Restaurants here, and choose whatever cuisine restaurant you’re going to start, like an Italian restaurant or BBQ restaurant.

Whatever page you choose, make sure it should be easier for visitors to follow; it should have easy to access a menu and contact page with Google maps and opening hours contact form.

Step 4 – Complete Import Site

Let’s choose a page and integrate all the features mentioned above into it one by one. When you import your site, give all details in the box with some feedback, so you put in your name.

Depending on how fast your connection works, the entire procedure of importing a site might take a few minutes. And, your website is imported is completed! Now you have got your logo with pages, menu, about us, and contact page.

You can also add a reservation button on top, which is very prominent and easy to find for anyone who will visit your website. While scrolling down the website, you’ll find many things that are not relevant so that you can replace them with other required options for your website.

Step 5 – Make a Maintenance Page

Close the site, and go back to plugins. Type Maintenance in Plugin, and choose the first left plugin Maintenance; it has over 500,000 installations. What it does is, when clients visit your website while you’re working on it, so they’ll see a temporary page that says, “Sorry this website is currently under construction.”

Thus, it enables you to keep your working privacy secure.

For more informative blogs and guidelines, stay tuned with C best, the leading service provider for custom online food ordering systems in Canada[ct1] , helping you build the best food ordering webapp which suits your requirements   

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