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How Can CBEST Ordering System Help Expand Your Business?

Running your restaurant is not less than an achievement, but it turns in vain as you rely on other apps to help you take orders online. Half of your revenue goes to the commission for third-party apps through which you receive orders.

On the other hand, some entrepreneurs set up a new eatery business and look for reliable sources to create the best restaurant online ordering system in Canada.

For these two reasons, CBEST serves the primary purpose. However, there are other reasons as well for which restaurant owners prefer to get an online ordering system, such as;

  • It helps restaurants expand their business by reaching new customers who prefer to order food online.
  • Secondly, it creates convenience for customers to place orders and get their food delivered quickly and easily. This can be a massive timesaver for busy customers who don’t have time to go out to eat.
  • Moreover, an ordering system can help restaurants save money by reducing third-party delivery services like Uber eats or Door-dash. By creating a portal for the online food system, doing digital marketing for restaurants becomes easier, with high chances of success.


This is how the online food ordering system proves to be a lucrative option. The CBEST ordering system can cater all these needs in the most efficient way. How? Let’s take a look.

How Can CBEST Make Your Restaurant Business an Efficient One?

It takes an efficient hand and expert skills to create a user-friendly, convenient, and best restaurant online food ordering system in Canada. You need to make a trendy, customized online menu that must be updated daily, offering something new at all times.

CBEST ordering system is the best solution, as it has been existing for years. Our years of experience in this industry have finally made us able to take your restaurant business to the next level.

CBEST is an online ordering solutions provider serving massive clients to make the best online ordering system in Canada. We help all busy restaurants take online orders and manage their delivery associates most efficiently.

Want to know how our work functions best? What considerable perks the CBEST ordering system provides? Keep reading;

How does CBEST Ordering System Works?

The entire procedure runs in three steps;

Step 1 – Understanding Client Requirements

It all begins with learning and understanding client needs. The more we understand your requirements, the better we can suggest making your restaurant stand out from the competition.

Once we’ve understood your needs and operations, we upload your menu and begin building an online hub that is all your own. All are constructed entirely as per your needs and requirements in mind.

Once you’re ready to go, we make the ball rolling with a campaign that brings new customers to you. You get to focus on wowing them with your delicious food while we take care of digital marketing for restaurants. We make an opportunity for you to power your restaurant into the future.

Step 2 – Our Working Criteria

Working of CBEST ordering system based on following criteria

The CBEST ordering system aims to deliver a custom experience that is solely built for you with professional support and service at each step along the way.

We’ll develop a complete online ordering platform, integrate it with your Google search site, and make it ready to launch.

We highlight your signature dishes and most popular orders so that food experts and influencers get an up-close look at what you’re all about!

Once we’ve brought it to launch, you have complete control over it. You can change or update anytime, whenever you need. This further provides complete control over promos and deals to help you run business very smoothly.

This will make your customers engage with you and order directly from your Facebook and Instagram pages.

With the CBEST ordering system, you’ll get orders directly to your platform’s hub without the need for someone to receive your orders, without any error, and improved efficiency.

Step 3 – Creating an Efficient & User-friendly CBEST ordering System.

Finally, we create the best online food ordering system by making the web portal with the following components;

Menus with Update Option – With the CBEST ordering system, you will get free updates to the design and updates as your menu changes. This will keep you and your customers updated with all the latest offerings.

Free Customer Support for Life – To err is a human, but with CBEST, there’s no chance even for a minor mistake. With our free customer support for life, you won’t need to worry if your system goes offline. We offer 24/7 customer support for free, so there’s no risk of losing customers.

A Live Demo – Wondering whom to consult if we need assistance or get stuck? No worries, after completing your restaurant’s online ordering system, we’ll give a live demo regarding using an online food ordering system and how it looks. Book your consultation today at CBEST.

Supercharge Your Restaurant’s Efficiency – With CBEST online ordering system, it’ll be an instant procedure, as orders will be received through a central system, so you and your staff can concentrate on cooking. Your customers will be happier, and your business will be more efficient and effective.

Best Benefits
  • Access to a mobile platform to make it accessible for customers from anywhere, even on-the-go
  • Quick updates to notify your customers when their order is ready
  • User-friendly menu available to your customers, right at the click of a button
  • Dashboard analytics to help you keep track of vital customer insights, order histories, & trends, giving you more valuable operational tools.
  • More direct access to every minute sales figures, helping you control profit margins.
  • Promote your business with our effective digital marketing for restaurants.

Either you need a platform for effective digital marketing for restaurant, or need to get your own online food ordering portal, when you approach CBEST, we make it best. Creating the best online food ordering system in Canada, we ensure to make it crawl, and troll high around the digital world. Visit today, book today!

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