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How to Streamline the Ordering Process From Social Media to Delivery

When you streamline the ordering process from social media to delivery, your restaurant will maximize its efficiency and increase its profit margins. In today’s fast-paced world there are so many businesses and delivery options. Therefore, you need to quicken your delivery preparations to meet the customer’s demands. 

Here are some tips to help you streamline this process:

Have a Consistent Prep Time

To make your delivery process efficient, you need a system to ensure the customer gets their food within the stipulated time. Your in-house chef/cook probably knows the quickest and more efficient way to prep the dishes. 

Use this knowledge to give an accurate estimate to your customers when their orders arrive. In general, the food prep time will determine how fast the process from ordering to delivery will take.

Cook Your Food in Bulk

This may seem counteractive since you may not be sure if you will have enough customers to buy all that food. However, you should have a rough estimate on how much food gets consumed from your restaurant by now. 

With your popular dishes, you may be spending a lot of time making the same order several times a day. You can cut this time by making large batches of the dish. Later you can portioning it into separate to-go containers ready for delivery. Here, you will be saving time during prep to delivery.

Use an Effective Ordering Platform

With the CBEST ordering platform, your customers will be able to order directly from your menu at the click of a button from any of your social media platforms. This will be immensely beneficial and will streamline the ordering process from social media to delivery. This is a mobile platform that your customers can access on the go. Best of all, you’ll see the real-time orders and quickly get enough time to work on the orders.

The CBEST Online Ordering Platform provides benefits, insights, and analytics that are tailor-made for your restaurant and at a price point that will accommodate your needs. Contact us for any inquiries and to schedule a free consult.

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