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  • We help you build online ordering system on your google search listing, maps, website ( new or existing ) or your social media pages and start taking online orders within 48 hours!
  • Reduced sales Commission per order (takeout and delivery orders)
  • Connect with Netizens in style, and let them grow your business faster than you imagine.
  • Upselling online is so much easier
  • Less Human Errors in Ordering process. Language barrier is no more a barrier for your business.
  • All your customers can now download your Branded Ordering App and use it for placing orders.
  • Offers and promotions directly reach your target customers
  • Generate online orders from your social media pages.

Let greater noises be coming from the spoons and the woks and lesser from the pesky ringing of the phones! Give some rest to your tired telephones and get more hands working with the woks and ladles!

Do you wish to build a holistic food ordering system that meets multiple objectives with the least investment? CBEST ordering systems might have the perfect solution to this. Our mobile friendly solutions, designed with interactive features, provide an engaging platform for our restaurant partners and their existing plus new customers. They can finally get to meet for the most enthralling dinner date ever!

At CBEST ordering systems, our restaurant partners can build their very own online ordering system. It will be same being popular as the Finest dining around the corner where just about everyone wants to have their meal. Instead of paying an exorbitant portion of commissions on each such online order, simply settle for an economic plan and make the most of your investments.

Let us take you through the ‘recipe’ of this easily cooked dish. Yea, more like how our system works in your favour.

How does it work?

Start by telling us all about your restaurant. That’s how we meet people over a coffee and get the conversation started, right? We want to understand more about our restaurant partners so that we can recommend a solution that is centric to their business needs. It is clearly like having the right amount of salt in your meal! After all, we do not want the ratio to go wrong for our dear restaurant partners.

When we are done gathering all the ingredients of this exotic dish from you, our restaurant partners, we can move forward to upload your menu on the platform. This will be the main point of contact between your customers and you, which allows them to browse the different meals offered by you.

Based on the above two, our design specialists get together with their aprons around their necks, ready to cook a website that is dedicated to your brand entirely. There is no sharing of space at their online ordering platform with any other competitor, which means a novel exposure to your existing and prospective customers. This will be your online ordering platform similar to a signature dish that is unique only to a particular restaurant.

At the last step, the online ordering system is launched for the public, after verification from the restaurant partners. We can launch an advertisement gig on full throttle for you to let the town know that you are here so that they can start ordering through the platform that we create for you. We can be your sophisticated marketer as well if you require our services.

The dishes are yours, but the presentation is ours, and we are sure that it makes an excellent combination for your customers.

What do you get with CBEST ordering system?

Let us take you through a quick snapshot of the service that we can deliver to you.

  • Integrate the design, development, and launch of your online platform around a complete web ordering system.
  • Allow your customers to connect and interact with you through their social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Receive orders from your customers in a jiffy, without involving any human interaction, which drastically brings down the rate of costly human errors.
  • Selectively, also get a chance to have your dishes clicked by our food experts and food influencers, which will truly woo your customers to try them out.

We know it quite well why customers want to order their meals directly from your website. We also know why you can't quite invest a huge sum into making one or have people manage it from a scratch, day in and day out. We won’t need to gain control of your website but go for a one time integration of it with our online ordering system, which will allow customers to place orders directly. Allow us to do the deed for you such that we save your business from losing out on crucial competition as well as build a strong customer base.


CBEST ordering web offers its restaurant partners a unique opportunity to build their very own food ordering platform, through which your customers can place direct orders. At the click of a button, they can gain access to your entire menu, which will let them choose what they would like to have today! Seamlessly, without involving any third party, your customer will proceed to place an order with your restaurant and pay online or at the time pickup or delivery.

Your customers will also be able to access your web platform through their mobile phones and place an order. At your end, you will be able to view all the orders received from the customers through a digital device, such as a tablet. Upon receipt, you will be notified about the new orders along with all the details of the order.

The good thing about this entire system is that your customers will be able to view the progress of their order with you in real-time, which is something that they do not usually get reliably with a third-party app. Our holistic dashboard will be able to display all the vital stats about customer insights, order analytics, and history of customer orders, all on a single platform. At the bottom line, these figures will give you, who are our valued restaurant partners, a chance to review your sales figures and deduce information about profit margins in no time.

Have you made up your mind yet?

We have given you all the resources to establish exactly why you should be connecting with us today! For each of our restaurant partners, we offer a unique customer solution that is centric to their business and considers their typical customers and target segment to offer solutions that meets their requirements and goals.

We want the tech-savvy things to be easier for you to grasp. It would be as simple as googling something and getting the answer to it in the next 0.00006 seconds. You may be unable to deny why it is imperative to be present online today, but why on some third-party app? Why not create your online presence as unique and novel as the food that you offer to your customers!

Without much more addition, we can tell you that this will be the best thing that you can do for your business in the days to come. Come aboard the CBEST ordering system today and witness the revolution.

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