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Restaurant online ordering system Canada

Restaurant online ordering system Canada

CBEST brings restaurant entrepreneurs looking to launch their own restaurant online ordering system in Canada this post helpful dos and don’ts. Having expert advice beforehand helps avoid critical blunders that could cost you a lot.

Do: Build a Custom Website

While it does cost a bit more in the beginning, having a custom-made website pays off in the long run by distinguishing your brand from run-of-the-mill websites made by rivals. Creating something unique from the get-go positions you atop your nastiest rivals, casting the right first impression on clients!

           Don’t: Consider third-party food delivery options

All third-party deliver apps have a lot of restaurants on it. However, they offer heavy discounts that cut into the restaurant profit deep, and commissions are as high as 30% per order! Better DIY the delivery task too!

Do: Better Your Google SERP Ranking

On the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP), the first 3 results get the highest number of clicks. There is cut-throat competition to grab those spots, as those provide the most visibility, therefore, the most business. An SEO optimized website is a good place to start this!

Don’t: Dream Big but Target Small

That’s a rookie mistake most entrepreneurs end up making, in the lieu of being practical or modest. When you plan to launch your restaurant online ordering system in Canada, you need to strike a good balance between what you dream of and what you achieve. Having a step-by-step plan helps.

Do: Readjust and Refocus As Need to

You will need to constantly tweak your strategy when you start a business. This is because out there, you will face uncertainty, and the risk of unexpected changes. For instance, if you intend to launch a frozen yogurt parlor in an area but your market research report shows it already has one doing good business, you shouldn’t drop the idea altogether. Instead, coming up with a different pricing strategy and weekly specials should help!

Don’t: Be Rigid in Decision Making

The best way CBEST helps you in launching your own restaurant online ordering system in Canada is by giving you scenarios that help you practice flexible decision making. It makes all the difference by preparing you to be a leader rather than a boss. They are great problem solvers due to being tenacious.

Do: Make a Plan B

As famous Finance and Investment Guru Warren Buffet put it “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” The same holds true for doing any business. When you do business, you expose yourself to all the vulnerabilities in the external market. While the degree of it may vary from market to market, every industry has some sort of risk. It only makes sense to have a Plan-B – what would you do if Plan-A fails?

Don’t: Jump Right in Without Any Planning

That’s yet another rookie mistake people looking to launch their own restaurant online ordering system in Canada make. It is critical to do all the planning first.

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