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Try These Top Restaurant Management Apps to Run Your Business in Flow

Try These Top Restaurant Management Apps to Run Your Business in Flow

Consumers aren’t the only ones who get excited about how technology works; the business gets too! As mobile technology has gone more advanced, many small businesses such as; restaurants rely on mobile hardware and apps that can handle many integral business functions. 

The restaurant managers especially have more mobile management applications to choose from the best online food ordering systems, to POS systems for accepting customer payments, and online reservation services that allow customers to get a table with just a tap. The more apps include; employee payroll, accounting, and inventory tracking, etc.

The restaurant ordering system software is quite handy and versatile in helping every task relevant to it. But, with all the varying options, how does a restaurant choose which app to use? It’s just like either cooking too much, or using way less ingredients, and the dish is ruined. Yes, the excessive use of apps can cause overlapping of services, and if you pick one, or two, there are chances of missing out on critical features

To make this easier for you, I will share the list of a few top restaurant management apps that can make your business easy to run with finger tips. It’s worth using and lucrative in terms of quality and popularity. I will divide them into categories so you can quickly learn about their features as per your needs.

List of Top Restaurant Management Apps You Must Install Today

First comes a few best app suggestions for sale / POS apps as they’re either complete restaurant management systems or can be easily integrated with other management apps. Here we go;

  1. Light Speed App for iOS users

The light speed restaurant is an app-based iOS POS system that is mobile-friendly and contains incredible features like; employee time management, customer table site ordering, raw ingredient tracking, and even a floor panel. 


For Android Users

There’s a fantastic app, Toast – a complete POS system for any size of the restaurant. This app not only has integrated customer payment processing but also tracks sales, labor, and inventory. Also, this app organizes all information into internet-accessible reports; in fact, it can also create menus for the restaurant ordering system.


  1. Shop Keep for Smaller Budget – Minded Restaurant

A great and versatile POS system that can be used for either restaurant or retail businesses. It’s pretty economical and simple to use.


Again, it’s an IOS-based software with an easy Apple-centric interface with customized registered buttons for your most popular menu items.


  1. Touch Bistro – iOS App for Small Restaurants

The Touch Bistro is one of the top-selling POS apps and an equally versatile system like Toast. It’s expensive, user-friendly, and able to integrate with other restaurant management software.


This app offers table-side ordering and menu management. Amazingly, it doesn’t depend on an internet connection to operate at all times.


  1. Bread Crumb by Up serve

This POS system could also be considered as an iOS competitor vs. Android’s Toast. It’s an entirely cloud-based and all-in-one POS system that doesn’t need an on premise server.


This app has a customizable interface and offline mode, which allow you to keep receiving payments, even if your internet goes down.


  1. Open Table 

This app is best for an online reservation and waitlist system. It’s pretty easy to use for both restaurants and customers. Imagine how easier the life of customers and for owners to access restaurant ordering systems while using these apps!


However, this app can be accessed on a smartphone, tablet, or even web browser. It does have limited features, but costs start at just $0.25 to $2.50 for each booked guest. 


  1. Five Star – Mobile Reward App

Five stars is a mobile rewards program. The customers’ sign up for five stars loyalty program either at your restaurant or through the five stars mobile app to earn rewards and receive promotional offers through texts, emails, or pushed notifications.


Additionally, this app has many slick marketing features that usually depend on business plan you choose. Regardless of whether you need to empower rehash business or gain a strategic advantage on other region eateries, the Five-star applications can help you in both ways.


Did you see that running a successful restaurant is concerned with creating the best online food ordering system and various aspects of making your business a reputable one in a digital world? It has to be reliable in terms of services, food quality, and customer convenience. 


For more information and guidance on successful restaurant management and online restaurant ordering, contact CBest – your best online restaurant ordering platform.