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What Makes CBEST Unique

The existence of restaurant online ordering systems such as Third-Party delivery app and others happened on the notion that they should deliver food to customers who can’t pick it up on their own. However, with the passage of time these businesses became more about expansion and profits. Then came CBEST, an online ordering system for restaurants. Over the years, it has been growing rapidly. This blog post explains the unique features that have helped CBEST gain rapid popularity.

What Makes CBEST Unique

Several successful restaurant ordering system features have helped CBEST evolve. These include:

1. No More Losing Regular Customers to Rivals!

Gone are the days when you would lose your customers to rivals. Conventional third-party apps or delivery service apps which provide ease for clients. Unfortunately, this happens at the expense of restaurant owners, for whom the risk of losing their regular clients to similar eateries on the same app rises critically.

With CBEST, however, this worry is history! Our system is designed in a fashion that ensures your business does not have to face this inconvenience.

2. A Chance to Expand Operations

In a bid to attempt restaurant partners scale up their operations by acquiring a higher volume of orders, CBEST has been making serious efforts. It helps you expand your business without having to bear the burden of collecting the orders yourself or paying ridiculous sums as commissions to other third-party apps. This makes it easier for you to focus on the main business – which is making food, updating your menu on CBEST, and having it ready just in time for it to be picked up. Outsourcing your deliveries to a restaurant ordering system frees your time up to focus all your energy on what matters most.

3. Customized Website and Add-ons

There are several benefits of using CBEST. It focuses mainly on business efficiency and growth. For this reason, all-round support is provided to partner restaurants. Some features of our app such as SSL degree security, reporting for sales outlay, and online inventory management make it very user friendly for restaurant owners.

As if that wasn’t enough on its own, our restaurant ordering system also provides you an ideal sales and SEO-optimized website. The backend team offers effective SEO services to ensure that your restaurant ranking on Google search engine results page (SERP) is as high as possible. It involves a combined mixture of tags, trending keywords, and of course, quality services. This is done for all leading search engines in your region, and optimized for both desktop, mobile as well as different operating systems such as Android, Mac, and Windows.

4. Top Notch SEO Optimization

Having a team having experienced SEO experts on it also helps CBEST. It helps them stay market-relevant, consistently competitive, as well as focus on what matters more: obtaining organic traffic. In the increasingly competitive restaurant industry, having solid reviews goes a long way. It can make or break your reputation. So, while you manage that aspect, CBEST takes care of the SEO end for you, making it a win-win strategy overall.

5. Better Customer Satisfaction

CBEST is a restaurant ordering system that helps you better your customer order fulfillment cycle. By offering seamless and accelerated customer satisfaction, your delivery systems and takeout process gets improved. This shortens the turnaround time for each order, thereby improving customer satisfaction by means of faster deliveries, which in turn boosts efficiency.

Put together, all these qualities make CBEST the best online ordering system for restaurants. It has helped several restaurants grow their business successfully.

You also get several distinct benefits of using our system:

  • A chance to control profits thanks to more direct access to regularly updated sales figures.
  • An opportunity to keep a tab on client order histories, insights, trends, thanks to the dashboard analytics feature.
  • Your customers receive real-time updates as soon as the order get ready
  • You can easily access the platform via our mobile app, making on-the-go usage convenient
  • Restaurant customers can access your menu by a single click!

Want to Give CBEST A Try?

Several third-party apps and delivery systems are available to help you with online restaurant orders. However, the price you must pay to avail their services is sharing your profits with them. CBEST is an online ordering platform that helps you enjoy all the features, along with analytics and customer insights on a platform that can easily be customized for your restaurant. This helps your customers enjoy an improved experience, which in turn relieves your burden and pressure. So go on and give us a call today to start growing your restaurant business today!

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