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Guide to Create Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

While setting up a new restaurant business, the first thing every entrepreneur ask is, what it takes to create the best online food ordering system? What particular features are required to create an efficient online ordering system?

Simple, if your online food ordering system is;

  • User friendly – it has to be easy to use with simple navigation and clear instructions.
  • Provides Security – Protecting customers’ personal information.
  • Accessible to navigate from anywhere – The system should be compatible with a range of devices, be it a tablet, smartphone, or PC
  • Ensures Availability: The system should work 24/7, so customers can order food anytime whenever they want
  • Has Efficient Functionality – Including all significant features required to process orders perfectly and efficiently
  • Provides best Customer support – Let customers drop their queries, issues, or complaints they might confront while placing an order.

This means you’ve successfully created the best food online ordering system. To make all these required features available, you’ll need to pick an ultimate platform– call it a multi-restaurant ordering system.

We’re going to guide today what specific technical features are required to create a perfect multi-restaurant online ordering system. You’re certainly going to learn something useful for an efficient ordering system.

Features Required for Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

Just like we pick the foundation platforms, like Magento, for creating an eCommerce website, WordPress makes any formal website; similarly, a web panel / mobile app is required to create a restaurant online food ordering system.

Here are how the web panel works and its features for further work.

Web Panels & Mobile Apps

The web panel or mobile app basically helps create a stellar online presence. For a multi-restaurant online food ordering system, you must choose ready-made web panels and mobile apps to make it accessible to whoever it may concern. For instance, admin, buyer, seller, and delivery staff, so you can kick off your food ordering business without any hassle.

Thus, some prominent features are required to be in your portal;

  • Admin panel / APP
  • Restaurant Panel / APP
  • Customer Panel / APP
  • Delivery Panel / APP

Let’s move to some crucial factors you must look up before selecting any multi-restaurant ordering system:

Factors to Consider Before Choosing any Multi-Restaurant Ordering System


A white-label multi-restaurant ordering system could be an ideal choice if you’re planning to start your food delivery business randomly. This enables entrepreneurs to easily customize a white-label solution and add new features per their business requirements & target audience’s needs.

Additionally, it has numerous benefits, including;

  • Since creating an online food delivery platform from scratch can be time-consuming, opting for a white-label multi-restaurant ordering system can save your time.
  • It further reduces the cost required to develop a multi-restaurant ordering platform.
  • You can easily set up pricing plans as per your requirements to generate higher profits and earn more revenue.


Multilingual Functionality

To catch a massive audience from various locations across the globe and increase your business’s global reach, you must integrate the multi-restaurant ordering system with multilingual functionality.

This would be easier for customers to change the platform’s language according to location and geographic region.

Operational Dashboard

The operational dashboard enables business owners to monitor activities, including; how many orders are received from a customer, how many orders have been delivered to customers, the daily sales reports & overall system performance.

And, it also keeps you updated with how many customers request a withdrawal, the delivery staff operations, and more. For these reasons, it’s highly recommended to select a multi-restaurant food ordering system with an operational dashboard to easily manage all platform operations.

Maintenance & Support

After starting your online food ordering business, there may arise a situation in the future where you’ve to fix some bugs & errors in the platform or need professional assistance.

Furthermore, solving bugs and updating the multi-restaurant ordering system regularly. So make sure the multi-restaurant ordering system you’re selecting comes with technical support and maintenance services.

Search Engine Friendly

A multi-restaurant ordering system must be rooted with numerous features to help promote your food ordering business, from an affiliate marketing module to loyalty programs. This works best in creating a strong brand presence.

Top Multi-Restaurant Online Ordering System

Following are some popular multi-restaurant online food ordering systems that entrepreneurs must consider before starting their food delivery business:

Yo! Yummy

It’s a fully customizable multi-restaurant online food ordering system that enables startups to quickly launch their online food delivery platform.

It provides an admin panel to conveniently help business owners manage their marketplace activities. And it also comes with ready-made mobile apps and web portals for buyers/sellers & delivery staff so that restaurant owners can set up their online food ordering marketplace without any problem.

With specific concern to protection against COVID-19, Yo! Yummy is integrated with features like contactless deliveries, digital payments, geo-fencing, curbside pickup, and transmission to keep people aware of the safety guidelines.


the menu is another well-known multi-restaurant ordering system integrated with several functionalities like; email campaigns, promotion /discount coupons, marketing automation, & more to increase sales and generate more business revenue.

Gloria Food

GloriaFood is another reputable name among the top multi-restaurant ordering systems around the globe. This online ordering platform is loaded with multiple features that help manage all-size restaurants, from a menu builder module to third-party integrations.

The admin panel helps business owners to manage and define zone-based delivery fees, multiple delivery zones, and minimum order amounts. The system allows restaurant owners to monitor the behavior of their targeted audience and provide discounts or festive offers accordingly.

Multi Restaurant System

Here comes the ultimate one, the Multi Restaurant System. A best-in-class turnkey solution for creating a multi-restaurant platform just like Grubhub, Just Eat, Deliveroo, Postmates, Talabat, & Foodora.

The multi-restaurant system is based on the Built-Operate-Transfer model. And it further comprises different pricing plans for each module, so businesses can select a suitable method matching their budget.

If you still need any professional assistance or need the best online food ordering system provider, then CBEST is here at your service. We create an efficient, user-friendly, and highly functional online food ordering system to ease your business using cutting-edge technology, trending features, and platforms. Contact Now!

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