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Why Building a Mobile-Friendly Ordering Process Should Be Your Restaurant’s Top Priority in 2022

More and more, services are moving online, especially after the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. The pandemic sent many businesses, especially restaurants, into a black hole of losses. Steering from the unprecedented circumstances, restaurants started picking up the pieces by offering online services to customers to cope with lockdowns. 

Creating a mobile-friendly app will aid you in maximizing your peak business hours and help in the management of orders. According to QSRweb, 52% of internet users prefer to use their smartphones for ordering rather than making long queues inside restaurants. 

We’ve compiled this article to show you why having a mobile-friendly online ordering process should be a priority in 2022 for your restaurant.

1. Increased Employee Productivity

Imagine receiving ten different phone calls from ten desperate customers needing your restaurant services. What are the chances that your employee will get one or two of the orders mixed up? The chances are great, but once you have an app at your customers’ disposal, it adds a new dimension to your business.

The software will solve the monotonous task while the employees are left to prep the orders for delivery or pick-up by the customers, focusing on needed productivity at the restaurant.

2. Increased Accuracy in Orders

Customers who can access the mobile app can easily customize their orders to their preference. Since there is documentation of the order, human error in writing down orders by hand is no longer a concern. 

3. Create a Database of Clientele Network

When a customer makes an order via a mobile app, you can easily capture their details and build a database for your restaurant. The database can aid in creating a link of communication between your restaurant and customers. Such communication will encourage customers to come back for your services, generate loyalty programs through coupons, and even create your marketing wall. 

4. Get Mobile Reviews, Ratings, and a Recognized Online Presence

Customers tend to trust a product with good positive reviews, and as such, they will easily place their orders with you without doubting whether they’ll get the services they’re seeking. The reviews and ratings will also help you get a pool of analytics to assess the progress of your restaurant. This will also help you improve weaker areas and increase the growth of your business. 

Partner with CBEST Solutions

We strongly believe that our value-added services can place your food business at the forefront of any competition. CBEST Solutions is here to help you through the process of integrating an online, mobile-friendly ordering platform for your restaurant. Contact us for any queries and to learn more about our online ordering systems. 

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